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Voilafoundation.org has created the group Outside Thinkers to raise awareness and action for Canada’s unresolved pledge to protect 17% of its landmass by 2020. For more information and to lend your support please visit: outsidethinkers.ca

The Idea:
In 2010, Canada joined virtually every other nation in the world in a promise to protect biodiversity by permanently conserving 17% of the land within our borders by 2020. When Canada made the commitment, 10.6% of the country was protected. As of April 2019, that number is just over 11%. In nine years, virtually nothing has happened. Ninety countries around the world have achieved their commitment, but Canada doesn’t even make it into the top 100, despite its global impact on the environment and biodiversity as the second largest country on the planet. Among the G7 countries, Canada ranks last.

In order to bring awareness to this initiative, Outside Thinkers and Grey created the Deputy of the Canadian Bureau of Foreign Apologies, Gord Burton. Gord’s mission is to do what every Canadian is raised to do: apologize…to all 195 countries that signed the agreement. The large-scale, disruptive awareness initiative has and continues to issue apologies to all the countries that are exceeding Canada in their efforts to protect the planet's biodiversity, in the form of advertisements in their local media publications. The goal is that through this bold initiative, we will be able to get the federal and provincial governments to pay attention to the issue, and finally protect the land that we, as a country promised we would, for the good of the planet.

The Team:
This project was made possible
by these indispensable collaborators.

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