Voila Foundation
Texting and Driving Initiative

Every two minutes in North America an accident is caused by texting and driving. Fifteen people die everyday. While young people make up only 13% of licensed drivers, they account for one-quarter of all road-related injuries and fatalities.

The Idea:
It’s human nature to resist advice about changing our habits, especially for millennials. The objective of this project is to provoke a response that results in a self imposed decision to stop texting and driving. And a public pledge to never text and drive - ever.

The Team:
This project was made possible
by these indispensable collaborators.

opc.tv | cineplex.com | parachutecanada.org

The Creative:

Running for one month, roughly 150,000 people took the pledge, amounting to 69% of those who played the game. Many more who don't have the app – an estimated 600,000 – were exposed to the film, which ran on 730 screens.